MAL craftyhomes is created by same interests of 3 friends who have same passion about crafts especially for home decor and stuffs.. made by wood, glass and tin ware. It establishes on August 2017, it becomes our outlets to channel our creativity and share experience to our beloved customers.


About MDF

MDF is an extremely common material used in furniture. However, a lot of shoppers who are confronted with the term have one of two reactions, both negative. They may not know what this material actually is at all. Or if they do, they may also write it off as substandard. I'll break down for you what MDF is and the positives and negatives of furniture made from it.

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard. 

Fibreboard, in all its densities, is made from wood fibres. Those would be little tiny pieces of hardwood or softwood. Mix these with some resin and wax, then heat it up and press it together, and you get fibreboard.

That explains fibreboard, you say, now what about medium density? Medium relative to what? 
Low density fibreboard is usually called particle board. Particle board is made out of even smaller pieces than MDF - even sawdust can be used to make particle board. That makes particle board inexpensive, but it also makes it weaker than MDF.
There is also such a thing as high density fibreboard, and it has its own name too - hardboard. To make hardboard, more heat and pressure is required than with the other fibreboards, but adhesives are usually not required. Hardboard is quite strong, but can also be an expensive material.

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